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2021 MOTUL RADICAL Challenge

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Tyson Sy dominates with back to back wins at the launch of the Motul

Radical Challenge PH!

Radical Cars Ph launched the Motul Radical Challenge with an exhibition race featuring 5 of the UK’s finest purpose built sports racing cars on the grid at Clark International Speedway. Over the weekend of September 25-26, the 3rd leg of the Petron Philippine Motorsports Championship, racers and spectators alike witnessed the fastest & safest series to ever lap around the Speedway.

Launched in 2019, Radical Cars PH’s main objective is to elevate local motorsport to the international standard in the most affordable way possible. Finally allowed to hold a race after a 2 year delay due to the local covid restrictions, it introduced a new level racing to the Philippines.

During the weekend Radical Cars PH showcased both its FIA safety approved cars, the entry level GT4 class SR1s and GT3 class SR3s with even more power and full slicks with added aero! The grid was a mix of professional racing drivers, amateur Radical owners, and Radical PH team members.

The exhibition race of Radical Challenge PH, held at the 4.2 km Clark International Speedway, which is located 100km North of Manila, consisted of two free practice sessions and a qualifying session on Saturday, and a warm-up and two 10-lap races on Sunday.

In qualifying Radical PH own Antonio Brias won pole position with a time of 1:58.264, this was swiftly followed by PartsPro Ph ex-Formula 3 driver Tyson Sy who posted a time of 1:58.365 in a slower SR1! Tyson then demonstrated his years of experience by battling it out with Antonio to secure the win.

Taking home his first ever racing victory during Sunday’s first race, amateur driver Ron Hu bagged the bronze trophy with an impressive time of 1:59.047 in his SR3. Ron has been a student of the Radical Racing Academy, headed by Coach Ivan Carapiet since 2020.

Behind the scenes race director & Radical PH Motorsport director Marlon Stockinger created an accessible environment for people interested to take a closer look at the cars, the company, the championship, as well as booking test days and future races, including international competitions through its Race the World program, that Radical owners can participate in. In the 2nd race of the day a reverse grid start was implemented which saw Tyson Sy starting from the back of the grid and climb through the entire field within the first 2 laps of the race, demonstrating his masterful race-craft amidst quicker machinery. Rounding out the top 3 podium places for the weekend were Antonio Brias SR3XX (1:58.886) & Mike Consenheim SR1(2:01.131).

Test days include ride along with a radical instructor, academy tuition along with video & telemetry analysis, and an opportunity to drive the car yourself along side an instructor. Looking forward, Radical Ph is excited to hold future race weekends, which will feature even more cars on the grid and an even more diverse group of drivers. The team aims to bolster both the local scene by showcasing talented drivers in the most advanced vehicles and providing international racing opportunities through Radical’s global championship which is present in over 40 countries & over 60 different race tracks.

For more information, questions and bookings contact our social media: Facebook: Instagram: @radicalcarsph Youtube: RadicalCars Philippines

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