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Arion Crosby: Hope is big on the former New Kid On Track for Philippine Karting Season 2023.

Updated: Mar 19

Arion Crosby, now a 13-year-old Fil-Foreigner kid started his racing journey initially for fun but was able to garner podium awards competitively as early as 5 years old while based abroad. When his family moved to the Philippines, his eagerness to do karting persisted despite the worldwide pandemic. When Philippine motorsports events went back to their normalcy in the year 2022, the good karting community referred him to be mentored by no less than the 2021-22 Karter of the Year Champion Miguel Quiñones who started training and teaching him the basics of Competitive Karting.

This Champion Mentor to Protege relationship led to a brief appearance of Arion in the last rounds of Karting Season 2022 which even netted him a surprising podium in the Junior Category. As Season 2023 unfolds in the next few days, Arion was even blessed to be provided with an International Tuner by the name of Champion Takeharu Nakamori. Now having a great tuner and at the same time the dicing partner of Arion, much is expected of him to perform better this time. This late addition to the technical support needs of the team in the person of the Japanese Champion racer for DRQ Motorsports is the best move of DRQ Godfather and team owner Dr. Ricardo Quiñones. The famous Aesthetic Doctor who founded and organized the DRQ team has already produced back-to-back Senior Karting Philippine Titles (2021 & 2022) who happens to be his son Miguel Quiñones - the reigning elite Golden Wheel Driver of the Year. The presence of Takeharu is an added advantage for the DRQ team and to the whole Philippine Karting Community because of his wealth of karting experience that he brings into the field of Kart Tuning and Skills Coaching not only for Arion; but for the rest of the DRQ team which includes veteran stalwart siblings Miguel & Shasha Quiñones, Karis Santos, Paco Samson, Migo Abaño and Sarah.

Champion Driver and Tuner Takeharu Nakamori:

The dicing practice of Arion with Skills Coach Takeharu:

To know more about the International Champion Takeharu Nakamori, please tune into our next article featuring our exclusive story of his racing successful journey.

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