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Bern Corpino Rules the Season 2023 Opener of the ROK GP Cup to Stretch his Winning Streak to 7

Junior Karter of the Year Bern Corpino, now elevated to Senior Class rules anew the season opener of the ROK GP Cup Championship to stretch his Philippine Karting winning streak to 7 since Season 2022 by besting other racers including 2022 Driver of the Year - former mentor Miguel Quiñones. Stamping his classic daredevil calculated no-holds-barred move, Bern secured round 1 by recovering from a kart breakdown in Heat 2 of the Qualifying. Aside from that race incident that cost him a DNF, Bern dominated all from Time Trial, Qualifying-Heat 1, and up to the Finals with enough gap to pose for the customary Photo Finish look.

In Round 2, without kart problems, Bern Corpino stuck to his game plan to secure P1 again in the Time Trial. Since the number of racers this season has grown to 16 drivers, leading the pack gives him the advantage to avoid the usually dreaded Turn 1 skirmishes that could scramble each racer's original grid position. From P1 in the Time Trial, Bern maintained his pole position for each Qualifying Heats (1& 2) en route to his 1st place Finish again in the Finals.

15-year-old Bern Corpino of the BCR-AutoForce team is a Middle-Grade student of San Beda College Alabang and a resident of Cavite. One of the youngest entries in his class, Bern is bracketed under Seniors Expert Class which includes veterans Gabriel Carag, Shasha Quiñones, and elevated from Junior class racers - Joshua Marquez and Danzel Waytan.

Motorsports analysts seem to be beholden to the streak of success of the young Bern Corpino. While other says Bern has the "Killer Instinct" to win races even from the brink of defeat, most opined that the "swashbuckling" young karter draws winning moments from his inborn almost perfect physique that suits best for motorsports. While others may be gasping for breath after each grueling round, healthy Bern seems to have the energy to do more lap times.

The ROK GP Cup Philippines with major sponsor Petron Corporation was held at the Carmona Racing Circuit last March 25/26, 2023 opening the Season 2023 of the Philippines National Karting.

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