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Gracious in Defeat, Track favorite Joshua Marquez prepares for the next ROTAX MAX Challenge-Round 2.

Fresh from the challenges encountered in the recent Palawan International Circuit race, track stalwart Joshua David Marquez prepares early for the 2nd round of the ROTAX MAX Challenge Philippines Series this coming June 19, 2022, at Clark International Speedway.

Recapping his recent race, Joshua David Marquez could have gotten the chance to grab 2nd place in the Junior Class of Petron Blaze 100 ROK GP Series but another racing incident hampered that dream and he eventually settled for 4th runner up.

Arriving just two days before the race in unfamiliar territory with a very technical track circuit, Joshua did not clock a good time compared to his teammates' long track time sessions who arrived days earlier in Palawan ahead of him. In the time trials, Joshua lacked speed and was the slowest in his category. During the qualifying rounds, he managed to squeeze himself into 5th place by overtaking 2 karters. While in the finals starting at the fifth position (P5), he again managed to pull away from the others and landed himself in third place (P3). In the following laps, he closely attempts to overtake to get to 2nd position (P2), and in the last lap he saw a small opening that would give him the chance to overtake but as we all say, this is racing and things do not go as we all think it would. Another racing incident brought him and his kart outside of the track and being unable to re-start his kart, he just sat down on the sidetrack to watch the rest of his competitors cross the finish line.

Fast forward to awarding rites, his name was called into the podium as he ended up finishing 4th-runner up as he was able to out-lap 2 other drivers in the race. What seems to have been a complete disaster at first turned out a podium finish for Joshua.

A true sportsman indeed he immediately congratulated every racer who participated. As a teen karter that captures the hearts of many, a true believer in the faith, a kind and passionate kid, and a true DRQ MOTORSPORT racer, Joshua remains the heartthrob on and off track.

For more info about Racer Joshua please visit his social media accounts and stay tuned to his upcoming videos and events:

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