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Young Racers lead Mark Young Racing Team to Individual and Team Awards in 2022 Philippine GT Series

Youngest at 16 years old Marky Young, and race prodigy teen idol Iñigo Anton with veteran Karol Collantes anchored the Mark Young Racing Team to multiple championship classes in the Philippine Grand Touring Championship (PGTC) 2022 Race Series.

Living up to the decades-old legendary name of the Mark Young Racing team, the second-generation kid racers Marky Young and Iñigo Anton continue to preserve the good name of their elders by excelling in the sport that they love most which is Motorsports.

The PGTC series resumed its last round of competitions last weekend October 28 and 29, 2022 despite the inclement weather due to Typhoon Paeng which even placed the province of Pampanga in Signal #3. The storm which caused intermittent heavy downpours and gusty winds did not deter the Organizers to halt the races and this situation did not even discourage the experienced Mark Young Racing team from participating.

The troika of Marky, Iñigo, and Karol did well in the race by employing their mastery of the wet and wild track surface caused by the storm. Worth mentioning also is the adaptability of skills (joining multiple events in a day) being shown by the young Iñigo who also topped the premium elite Radical Challenge which is considered the highest race engine platform of motorsports in the Philippines.

The recent weekend race resulted in Iñigo Anton claiming the Overall Championship in GT200, Marky garnering 1st-Runner Up in GT150, and veteran Karol Collantes annexing the GT100 Class.

The Philippine Grand Touring Championships as one of the longest race series in the Philippines is now a sub-event of the umbrella Philippine Motorsports Championship whose main sponsor is Petron Corporation. The PGTC has been a long advocate of grassroots development of Motorsports.

Photos Credit : Ms. Karen Navarrete Anton , Mark Young Racing Team

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